Nathan Miner


Nathan Miner is an interdisciplinary artist creating mixed media paintings and objects at environmental scales. Experimentation and invention are at the heart of his work and his interdisciplinary approach engineers combinations of photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, and architecture.

Miner studied printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute and painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago prior to receiving his BFA in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design in 1999. Following his degree he studied printmaking at The New School in New York and architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. Miner grew up in the Midwest and has lived in England and Africa, his research and his personal enthusiasm for crossing disciplines and cultures have led him to travel extensively throughout the world. His work focuses on the creative territories of translation and transformation.

Over the past decade he has exhibited his inventive surfaces and mural-scale installations in galleries, alternative art spaces, and universities throughout New York and New England, including recent installations at Montserrat College of Art and the Museum of Art at University of New Hampshire. His exhibitions have been reviewed by the Boston Globe and his installations featured in Artpulse and Artscope magazines. He has received fellowships and grants from the Vermont Studio Center and the St. Botolph Club Foundation. Miner is a fellow of the St. Botolph Club and is represented by Rafius Fane Gallery in Boston. 


Work available through:

The Flat Files at Pierogi 2000 Gallery, New York City | (718) 599-2144